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Brisa del Mar by Faranda Boutique (Rediseño) - San Andres -
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The service in Brisa del Mar’s retaurant offers a complete gastronomic experience full of traditional Caribbean flavors that are served in a pleasing open and fresh environment. Additionally, enjoy the cafeteria service with a wide selection of coffee, tea and other warm beverages.


Our restaurant elaborates traditional caribbean dishes filled with the most important ingredient in any kitchen…. Love. We cook with fresh ingredients of the very finest quality and can be enjoyed in an open and fresh space. We serve either to your table or buffet style and have breakfast, lunch, and dinner services. Check your meal plan to obtain more details about these services.


An elegant and relaxing space perfect to enjoy a conversation while enjoying a hot beverage. The cafeteria service provided by the Brisa del Mar Hotel offers a wide variety of beverages to savor with your loved ones.